Live Event: Keeping Bad Stuff Out and Good Stuff In with the Right Unified Communications Tools

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Executive Summary

"Real-time" communications, including public instant messaging (IM), enterprise IM, A/V conferencing, voice over IP (VoIP) and mobile messaging are used throughout most enterprises. Whether for business or personal reasons, they often exist in a free-for-all with few constraints on usage. While such communications systems can be of great value to end user and company collaboration, left unmanaged it is impossible to measure and achieve regulatory compliance, or to ensure efficient and appropriate use. Real-time communications bring new dimensions to familiar challenges including appropriate usage, outside threats, sensitive information leaks (inadvertent or otherwise), and compliance concerns.

The consequences are clear. Out-of-control real-time communications can lead to fines for non-compliance, lost reputation, lost intellectual property, and further liability to your organization.

IT organizations need a solution to enforce policies and controls to regulate user activity, to protect against inbound threats and outbound data loss, and to archive BlackBerry, enterprise IM and public IM for compliance purposes.

TechRepublic is proud to present Keeping Bad Stuff Out and Good Stuff in, an interactive overview of unified communications compliance and security challenges:

  • Learn how to overcome the unique challenges presented by advanced services such as instant messaging, web conferencing and social networking;
  • Discover how to provide a secure environment for information without sacrificing the productivity of those who depend on it, and;
  • Explore the innovative new ways to not only ensure regulatory compliance but also make it a little easier in the process.

These are dynamic times and only time will tell exactly what it all means for business. There are a few things we know already though - innovative new ways of thinking and doing our jobs will make all the difference and how we use technology will carry the day. Without a doubt, Keeping Bad Stuff Out and Good Stuff in is essential for anyone who wants some help to find their way.

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