Live TechRepublic Web Event: The Top 10 Considerations for Cloud Computing

Business and IT decision makers are increasingly confused by the rising number and type of cloud computing solutions. Everyone it would seem is now promising to save you time and money with this or that kind of web-based service for everything from email and enterprise applications to storage and data management. Regardless of the information overload, however, organizations of all types and sizes must embrace the age of computing without borders to increase competitive advantage and grow their business.

Sounds great, but it isn't easy.

TechRepublic presents, The Top 10 Considerations for Cloud Computing, a live and interactive Webcast about the most primary questions that must be answered before you even start thinking about any sort of web-based business solution:

  • Find out who's who and what they offer as well as how you might be able to leverage and combine many of the complimentary technologies and solutions;
  • Learn about the most basic issues of security and availability and how you can not only protect your information but also the productivity of those who depend on it, and;
  • Hear how to safeguard your information against vendor issues and interruptions as well as the steps to help avoid any problems in the first place.

Make no mistake about it, cloud computing will continue to transform the many ways we create, share, and manage information and now is probably about as good a time as any to start thinking about the potential for your own business. This live Webcast, featuring the editors of TechRepublic and, provides The Top 10 Considerations for Cloud Computing that will not only satisfy your need-to-know but will also help you make a more informed decision about the future of your business.

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