Live webcast - Anticipate and act: how analytics enhances the supply chain

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Executive Summary

Data is constantly being created as a byproduct of customer interactions and business activities. That data can have tremendous value because it can be used help you take the pulse of all the factors related to your business processes and customer needs. Today’s analytics systems can be easily used and understood via simple dashboard interfaces, allowing you to tap into incredibly powerful information your business can use to grow and thrive (without having to be a statistics major).

By accurately anticipating consumer trends based on historical data, real-time data, and future predictions, your organization can put that knowledge to work to become more agile, efficient, and responsive. The right mix of technology and strategy will enable you to gather data, analyze that data, and take sure-footed action based on what you’ve learned from that data so that your product can be produced, stored and moved smoothly and at whatever speed your customers require.

CBS Interactive is proud to present "Anticipate and act: how analytics enhances the supply chain," a live and interactive webcast about how data can be used to help your supply chain requirements dynamically to ever-changing customer needs.

  • Learn how an efficient supply chain can make the difference between leading a market and being left behind.
  • Discover the many ways business data you may already have can be turned into a gold mine of strategic value, opening opportunities you may never have known were there and spotlighting efficiencies you might never have been able to exploit otherwise.
  • Explore best practices and specific customer use cases for how you can mine historical data, tap into the flow of real-time as-it-happens data, and even predict future supply chain needs using advanced analytics.
Don’t miss "Anticipate and act: how analytics enhances the supply chain,” a live and interactive webcast featuring CBS Interactive’s Distinguished Lecturer David Gewirtz, author of The Flexible Enterprise (the classic book that served as a foundation for today's agile business movement) and David Sweetman, Senior Director, SAP Cloud Global Marketing.

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