On-demand Webcast: As threats become more sophisticated, so too must next generation firewalls

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Executive Summary

Not a day goes by without security threat news. Whether it's foreign hackers who have been living inside a famous company's network for years, or criminals stealing data from credit cards, employment and patient records, and selling them for pennies to other criminals, each day the situation gets worse. As smartphone growth explodes, the number of targets for hackers increases at a mind-boggling rate. Keeping those threats out and your people and data safe is a tough job. Fortunately, there's help. As the internet matures, cyber-criminals are becoming more sophisticated in their exploits. The connectivity of the internet is both a strength and weakness, where identifying easy points of entry can open doors to more hardened and, more lucrative, assets.

Cyber-attackers aren't the only folks who have spent the last few years refining their game. Networking vendors are all too aware of the great responsibility they have for helping customers stay safe and have been innovating at breakneck speed. That firewall you installed back in 2009 had a lot less work to do back then as well. Today's next-generation (and beyond) firewalls are smarter, tougher, and designed to be proactive and defensive. But, even with today’s Next Generation Firewalls, there is still a step beyond to a deeper level of security that can be achieved when security becomes more integrated and connected to the computing infrastructure.

CBS Interactive is proud to present "As threats become more sophisticated, so too must next generation firewalls,” an interactive webcast about the changing nature of network threats and what your firewall absolutely must be able to do to keep you safe.

  • Learn about the changing threat landscape and how hackers worldwide are targeting your company, your workers, your intellectual property, and anything else they can find
  • Explore the technical limits of traditional firewalls and understand how they are about as secure as a screen door on a submarine.
  • Discover the new firewall capabilities and take home an in-depth understanding of the key features you'll need to keep your assets safe and secure
  • How Next-Generation Firewalls have emerged as a way to make company assets more secure but more sophisticated criminals are driving the need to go further.
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