On-demand Webcast: Beyond High Availability

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Executive Summary

Information has become the lifeblood of most enterprises, and competitive advantage goes to those organizations that can make data available to decision-makers anytime, anywhere and in whatever context needed. This is often difficult to accomplish in today's siloed environments in which data is often maintained within legacy environments. In addition, new forms of data, from an ever-increasing variety of sources, are flowing through organizations and need to be accommodated and transformed into actionable insights. Such data also needs to be available to all levels of decision-makers and applications.

The key to meeting these requirements is to develop an architecture that is immune to downtime while enabling real-time replication of incremental data changes to enterprise-facing analytics, business intelligence and data warehouse systems. Achieving such an always-on, always-available enterprise doesn't require massive new investments in new data centers or technologies.

CBS Interactive is proud to present "Beyond High Availability," an on-demand webcast about how data replication is expanding beyond its traditional role as a backup process to provide anytime, anywhere, real-time or near-real-time access to information.

  • Learn through recent research about how and why database replication has moved into the mainstream of enterprise IT computing.
  • Discover the changing role of data replication, focusing on how a solution must now support not just replication but also near-real-time data integration to drive improved data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics efforts.
  • Explore the advantages of a well designed data replication strategy, including scalability, disaster recovery, load balancing, auditing and more.
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