On-demand Webcast: Enterprise-proofing the Apple ecosystem with Centrify and Aqua Connect

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Executive Summary

Here's something new. Most IT folks are familiar with terminal services on Windows Server, but did you know you can provide remote, secure terminal services with OS X? It's not only possible; it's a technology that allows you to provide the entire Macintosh experience to neglected corporate and enterprise users on tablets, phones, and even very cost-effective PCs and laptops.

Of course, now that you're providing OS X remote desktop services, you need to make sure the connections and authentication process are rock-solid secure. Even more challenging: what do you do about all your PC remote terminal users authenticating with Active Directory? Do they now have to log into two systems? Nope. As it turns out, single sign-on is the answer.

CBS Interactive is proud to present "Enterprise-proofing the Apple ecosystem with Centrify and Aqua Connect” an on-demand webcast that will reveal how you can use one login to connect to Mac and Windows instances (as well as all your cloud services) and do so safely and securely.

  • Learn about how remote desktop OS X services can free you up from having to buy an expensive Mac for each user
  • Explore how remote desktop OS X services have provided the full Mac OS X experience from any "glass" interface, ranging from your favorite tablets to desktop PCs and laptops
  • Discover how you can protect your employees and users using a wide range of secure technologies, including single sign-on and encryption
  • Go hands-on and discuss solutions that Centrify and Aqua Connect jointly deployed in real-world situations and learn how you can bring the Apple ecosystem fully into your corporate environment
Don't miss "Enterprise-proofing the Apple ecosystem with Centrify and Aqua Connect” featuring CBS Interactive's Distinguished Lecturer David Gewirtz, one of America's leading cybersecurity experts; David McNeely, Sr. Director, Product Management at Centrify, a leading provider of Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) solutions; and Joseph Cohen, CTO of Aqua Connect, a leading provider of OS X terminal services solutions.

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