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On-demand Webcast: How to Simplify Deployment of Google Apps and Office 365

Date Added: Apr 2014
Format: Webcast

Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 each has its own vast ecosystem, from email to office applications to identity management. Google would prefer you live entirely in the Google environment, while Microsoft would prefer you live entirely in its Exchange/Office 365/Active Directory infrastructure. You are likely using a combination of Google Apps and Office 365 or sorting out the option that is right for your organization. A key consideration for your Microsoft or Google deployment is secure identity management, admin controls and single sign-on for your SaaS and mobile apps.

CBSi is proud to present, "How to Simplify Deployment of Google Apps and Office 365", where you'll learn how simple it is to manage on-boarding, off-boarding and entitlements into target apps using Centrify's cloud service with your existing AD infrastructure or Centrify's cloud directory. Don’t miss this webinar featuring CBS Interactive's Distinguished Lecturer David Gewirtz, one of America's leading cyber-security experts, and Jeff Friedsam, Director of Product Management at Centrify, a leading provider of Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) solutions. Jeff will also provide a live demo on how to implement identity management and single sign-on across Google Apps and Office 365.

You will understand how to:

  • Simplify the deployment of Google Apps
  • The benefits of deploying Office 365 without ADFS
  • Automatically assign new users to existing Google Apps Groups
  • Enable single sign-on across Google Apps, while maintaining complete control of user identities
  • Provide Active Directory-based single sign-on to Google Apps
  • Implement your cloud directory in minutes
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