On-demand Webcast- Machine-to-Machine Security: How to Stay Secure While Building an Internet of Things

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Executive Summary

Much of what we now refer to as the Internet of Things (IoT) has existed for decades but the Internet and cloud computing have further enabled automation, data, and security problems. As powerful and as valuable as IoT is, it's important to remember the security risks involved. Connected devices can be targeted by organized crime, nation states, and terrorist organizations looking to disrupt or destroy what was thought to be highly secure, well-protected infrastructure. With so much data being generated and passed automatically across networks, a single successful attack can jeopardize everything from critical public services to the quality of healthcare.

Packets of data often traverse one or more wireless links that are exposed to potential attackers. Per-hop security depends on the intelligence required to detect altered, dropped, or fake packets at each node that data intersects in the system-of-systems.

The more automated the conversations between machines are, the more you need to ensure that your data is tightly locked down and is processed only by your staff. Determining how to secure your M2M communications and interactions is the first step toward building a safe, end-to-end Internet of Things that benefits your organization.

This on-demand webcast examines the first priorities that you should examine when you devise your M2M security strategy. Find out how to implement these priorities by downloading this webcast.

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