On-demand Webcast: Overcoming the challenges of multifactor authentication

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Executive Summary

Many cloud service providers are rolling out two-factor authentication features to address the increasing challenges that come from relying on passwords alone to secure user access and company data.

Multifactor authentication is a great step towards stronger security and access management. Unfortunately, for enterprises that leverage more than a few cloud apps, this can lead to extra time and resources spent managing separate multifactor authentication solutions and training users on all of these independent approaches.

CBS Interactive is proud to present "Overcoming the challenges of multifactor authentication," an on-demand webcast that will explain how to get the security benefits of multifactor authentication for all of your cloud apps without tears.

  • Learn about the ever-increasing need for additional factors of authentication to protect your users and your data from hackers and thieves.
  • Explore the drawbacks associated with managing various disparate solutions and trying to make them work together.
  • Discover how you can build a common multifactor authentication experience across all of your cloud apps with a single place to administer the solution, define granular authorization policies and train your users.
Don't miss "Overcoming the challenges of multifactor authentication," featuring CBS Interactive's Distinguished Lecturer David Gewirtz, one of America's leading cybersecurity experts, and Sean O'Connell, Sr. Product Manager at Centrify, a leading provider of Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) solutions. Sean will be demonstrating how you can deliver a single multifactor authentication solution for your users across all of your Cloud applications using the Centrify User Suite.

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