On-demand Webcast: SaaS, single sign-on, and security: how can this possibly work?

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Executive Summary

Quick... how many cloud accounts do you have? How many email accounts? How many software-as-a-service accounts? How many job-specific accounts? It's a lot, right? Many of you probably even have multiple accounts for certain services.

Managing all this can be a mess. It gets worse when you or your employees need to use a mix of accounts to get work done every day. Some accounts are to local network servers. Some accounts are to big, famous public cloud services. Some accounts -- especially if you're in government, healthcare, or the financial industries -- are to extremely secure and sensitive services.

CBS Interactive is proud to present "SaaS, single sign-on, and security: how can this possibly work?," an on-demand, interactive webcast about how you can tame all this necessary craziness using single-sign on, all the while protecting each account's security.

  • Learn how wild and complex the day-to-day world of identity and access management can be, especially when you factor in cloud computing and mobile.
  • Discover the benefits of single sign-on, especially when it's applied across realms, from cloud to local and private networks and the exploding world of mobile users.
  • Explore best practices and industry challenges in making single-sign on both easily accessible to your team and highly secure.
Don't miss "SaaS, single sign-on, and security: how can this possibly work?," featuring CBS Interactive' Distinguished Lecturer David Gewirtz, one of America's leading cybersecurity experts, and Product Marketing Director Corey Williams, of Centrify, a leading provider of identity-as-a-service solutions.

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