On-demand Webcast: Solve Complex Revenue Management Challenges

Date Added: Aug 2014
Format: Webcast

For business professionals today, revenue management is an increasingly complicated proposition. Accountants and administrators are now responsible for managing multiple revenue sources and models, which requires a different level of data and analysis, plus powerful tools to successfully manage the complexities of the market and business operations.

So how do you deploy best-of-breed revenue management solutions that drive scalable, proactive processes? How do you control costs while empowering your organization to evolve? Join CBS Interactive for "Solving Complex Revenue Management Challenges,” an interactive webcast that will explore these questions. You’ll discover ways to:

  • Scale the business without scaling finance by incorporating disciplined analytics.
  • Integrate legacy and external systems to achieve end-to-end visibility.
  • Leverage advanced revenue recognition techniques for accurate and comprehensive operations.
Don't miss “Solving Complex Revenue Management Challenges” featuring CBS Interactive's Featured Contributor Bill Kleyman and Intacct’s Mark Gervase - Cloud Financials Strategist.

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