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Live Webcast: Telecoms 2.0 - Where is telecoms heading?

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Executive Summary

UK telecoms is at a crossroads. IT managers face new demands to enable flexible working, deliver converged networks and provide support for multiple applications employing voice, video and media rich technologies. To deliver this, telcos talk about Next Generation Networks: but how does this buzzword translate into delivering the applications required to drive business forward? In this webcast, our panel of experts will review where we are with next generation telecoms in the UK, working through the concept of 'Telecoms 2.0': - Realising the potential of Next Generation Networks - why it isn't just about the technology? - What attributes should firms be looking for in their telco partner? - Is the relationship between telco provider and customer changing? - What things need to happen to make next generation services a reality? - You say you want the supplier to change. Do you want to change too? - What is Telecoms 2.0?

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