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Managing a Large JBoss Infrastructure With JBoss Operations Network: Travelers Insurance

Watch Now Date Added: Nov 2009
Format: Webcast

In this webcast the will learn how Travelers Insurance successfully manages a large JBoss infrastructure with JBoss Operations Network. The webinar will also cover highlights from the latest JBoss Operations Network 2.3 release. Senior Technologist from Travelers Insurance will present how the company is at the forefront of technology innovation by adopting automation, flexibility and simplicity as guiding principles of Java platform management. Travelers Insurance maintains a shared Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (JEE) infrastructure, which is managed by about five administrators, for over 400 applications running on 3500 Java Virtual Machines (JVMs). The JBoss Enterprise Application Platform has been a high performing, highly stable, low cost solution in this infrastructure. Key component of this large infrastructure is JBoss Operations Network, monitoring for availability and performance.