Meeting the Challenges of Today's Targeted Attacks

Watch Now Date Added: Jan 2010
Format: Webcast

This webcast in particular deals with it security, and offers the attendee the information on what targeted attacks are, how the Hydraq attack worked to steal information from the world's biggest companies, and how to develop a security strategy that can help stop targeted attacks. The webcast also deals with the risk to confidential information in the information technology sector which is increasing, and the executives who are involved in this are facing a number of threats to their information from sources both externally as well as internally. Today's attracts are very well-organized, and in a sophisticated manner which are very much covert in nature than the attacks that were seen in the past which is demanding an advanced security approach. The recent attacks were targeted, and designed to steal confidential information. In response to this threat, Symantec's security intelligence offers the users a unique vantage point which gives them an unparalleled insight, and greater understanding in what's really happening in the world of IT security.