Microsoft Office System Webcast: Advanced Concepts, Tips, and Techniques for Visio 2007 (Level 200)

Watch Now Date Added: Jan 2009
Format: Webcast

Microsoft Office Visio 2007 includes new technology to help to create interactive, data-rich, data-connected diagrams faster and easier than ever before. The attendee of this webcast will learn how to maximize the data connectivity, Data Graphics, Data Refresh, and PivotDiagram capabilities of Visio 2007 and how to apply these techniques to the entire breadth of Visio solutions. The webcast discovers how Visio 2007 interfaces with Microsoft Office system technologies and applications, including Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Project, and more. The presenter also introduce tools and techniques that can dramatically increase the efficiency and productivity when using Visio, and he demonstrate how to visually communicate information about the networks, project plans, facilities, database schemas, UML structures for software projects, process flows, and much more.