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Microsoft Office System Webcast: Visio 2010 Business Process Modeling and Notation (Level 200)

Date Added: Apr 2010
Format: Webcast

The presenter of this webcast discusses tools and techniques that can dramatically increase the understanding, efficiency, and productivity of Microsoft Visio users, turning Visio generalists into Visio power users. The attendee will learn how to select the SmartShape symbols one need and have them available at the fingertips. Use the new enhanced Shapes Pane and Top Four Shapes at the cursor, which makes creating connected diagrams easier than ever before. Use the new enhanced connectivity and layout feature sets. Use various methodologies to easily and quickly connect SmartShape symbols in Visio diagrams. Use Live Preview to analyze and determine the very best layout for process flow diagramming. Use the new auto-layout to adjust Visio diagrams as SmartShapes are added, removed, and repositioned.