MSDN Radio: A Dive Into Windows 7 With Mark Russinovich (Level 100)

Watch Now Date Added: May 2010
Format: Webcast

The MSDN Radio webcasts provides you some of the details and a Dive into Windows 7 with Mark Russinovich. Some of the feature and new tools that are presented in the Windows 7 offers developer the ability to build the better applications as well creates seamless user-experiences which could bring more productivity in a timely manner. One could also make use of multi-touch, version checking, the taskbar, and more. MSDN Radio is a weekly Developer event show that helps answer the questions about the latest Microsoft news, solutions, and all the latest technologies. The presenter of this webcast could be Mike Benkovich who is considered to be the Senior Developer Evangelist of Microsoft Corporation and Mark who is the TECHNICAL FELLOW of Microsoft Corporation team. The company he cofounded in 1996, as well as Sysinternals, where he authors and publishes dozens of popular Windows administration and diagnostic utilities including Autoruns, Process Explorer and Tcpview. He is a featured speaker at major industry conferences including Microsoft's TechEd, WinHEC, and Professional Developers Conference.