MSDN Radio: Office 2010 With John Durant

Has one ever imagined, or wanted lot of things with what they already have? If one would like to take an advantage of an extended potential of what they own no, then, one has to join with, Mr. John Durant who is the Senior Product Manager who really has the capability to explore how the release of Microsoft Office 2010 who simplifies, and makes it faster, and reliable to gain an advantage of the capabilities of this great, and exclusive platform. The attendee can find lot of things in this webcast such as how to improve the development tools that is designed well to integrate with the other platforms, and analyze those types of information in a challenging way. This MSDN radio development is considered to be the weekly developer talk show that gives one lot of information, and could answer all their questions regarding the latest Microsoft news, and some of the solutions and technologies.

Provided by: Microsoft Topic: Mobility Date Added: May 2010 Format: Webcast

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