MSDN Webcast: BenkoTips Live and on Demand: What's New for Developers in IIS 7.0 (Level 100)

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Executive Summary

In days past, a Web server was simply a place to throw the static and dynamic pages for delivery. That has all changed with recent releases of Internet Information Services (IIS), and IIS 7 is no exception. The presenter of this webcast highlights several key features of IIS that make it the most extensible, manageable, and secure Microsoft Web platform. The attendee will learn about the modular design of IIS and the integrated pipeline, providing for new scenarios that involve sharing authentication across IIS, Microsoft ASP.NET, and other dynamic Web server runtimes. The presenter explores how the new IIS protocol listeners enable IIS to host Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services on a variety of protocols, providing a scalable and manageable host for the distributed applications.

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