MSDN Webcast: Creating Microsoft Office 2010 Add-Ins Using SharePoint 2010 as a Data Source (Level 300)

This is the webcast which is exclusively developed for all the developers to face the internal Microsoft Share Point data within the Microsoft office client applications. This could allow all the users, and visitors to make a contact as well as interact with the list of data provided in the document, and also it directs the context of the entire document editing experience. This webcast teaches the attendee the basics of developing solutions, and even some of the easy way for creating solutions, which would really help all the people to understand what kind of advantages and benefits the attendee could bring to the users. The attendee will also learn how to make use of the SharePoint consumer object model and even the windows communication foundation in short WCF; Data services REST APIs that could access the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 data, and provides the data in latest version of Microsoft office 2010 Add INS. The presenters of this webcast are Donovan Follette, the senior Technical Evangelist.

Provided by: Microsoft Topic: Collaboration Date Added: May 2010 Format: Webcast

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