MSDN Webcast: Real-World Solutions: Exporting Project Server Data to a CSV File (Level 300)

Watch Now Date Added: May 2010
Format: Webcast

The method of exporting Microsoft office project server data into comma-separated value in short CSV files is demonstrated by Stephen C. Sanderlin, who is the System, and Software Architect of Microsoft Project Experts. This exclusive webcast covers the customer's need, and also it exports data from the project server into a legacy line business system. This exporting project server data is accepted only in a CSV format. This webcast has lot of event types such as pod casts event which is helpful in creating mobile devices, virtual events that has a separate platform on the future productivity, and In person events; these event types helps one to learn, how one could improve their business, and also one could get access to higher officials, and expert advisors. The presenter of this webcast is specialized in designing, implementing, customizing, and is also involved in the development of customer software, and it reports solutions for Microsoft office project 2010.