MSDN Webcast: Security Talk: Detecting and Mitigating Security Issues Using the Code Analysis Tool .NET (Level 200)

Watch Now Date Added: Feb 2010
Format: Webcast

In this webcast, the presenter provides a high-level overview of the Microsoft Code Analysis Tool .NET (CAT.NET), specifically the analysis engines and how to use the Data Flow Analysis Rules and Configuration Rules in the applications. Discover how CAT.NET includes a set of FxCop security rules which help one identify security flaws within a managed code (C#, Microsoft Visual Basic .NET, Microsoft Visual J#) application one is developing. CAT.NET scans each assembly of the application and then traces the data flow among an application's source code statements, methods, and assemblies. CAT.NET also includes configuration analysis rules that detect common security misconfigurations in Web.config and App.config files.