MSDN Webcast: Security Talk: Using Standards-Based Internet Explorer Features to Protect Apps (Level 200)

Watch Now Date Added: May 2010
Format: Webcast

Security is the most important feature, and essential feature in any web application. Authentication and authorization are some of the parts available at security related topics. This security protects the web application, or any application for unauthorized persons, and hackers etc. There are several things that are available in security vulnerabilities. Does the attendee know all about it? This webcast provides brief discussion about the security, and security related topics to prevent the user applications. This webcast describes the features of HTML5, HTML4.01, etc, and provides other important features of the browser. Does one know how to use standard-based windows internet explorer features? If one attends this webcast, they will definitely get enormous amount of data ideas to use the web-based windows internet explorer. This protects their application that they develop. Otherwise one can not protect the web application without using security. This is the only way to maintain the web application in a long term because nowadays there are several security problems increasing everyday. So one is liable to protect their application. This webcast really gives the suggestion to resolve the security problem.