MSDN Webcast: Windows Communication Foundation Top to Bottom (Part 14 of 15): Message Queuing (Level 200)

Watch Now Date Added: Oct 2007
Format: Webcast

Queued calls are yet another way to achieve reliability in a distributed system. When a person sends messages using a classic request/reply pattern, the response traditionally indicates whether the request was successful. In the case of one-way messages, it is difficult to be sure that the message arrived at its destination and was process successfully because no response is provided. By definition, with one-way calls, one probably cares less about the success of the call (given that there is not a reply), but do care that the message arrived. This webcast shows how to expose Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services over Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ), demonstrate practical scenarios where queued services can be helpful, and explain various configuration settings for NetMsmqBinding and their implications on system reliability and security.