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MySQL Replication: Audit, Test, & Verify

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Executive Summary

MySQL is the advanced database engine to store data in the database in an effective manner. This is the open source software and cost free software. This is platform independent software. It works in any platform like Microsoft, Linux and etc. it uses basic SQL query language to query into the database and maintain data. This webcasts shows the MySQL replication of data very clearly. MySQL replication is fairly easy to set up, but in the real world many obstacles can get in the way of keeping it up and running smoothly. One problem that seems to bog down a lot of DBAs is the slaves getting out of sync with the master. If one is lucky they would be alerted with an error in their slave log file, and can then track down that problem. But sometimes it drifts out of sync silently. Both are situations one wants to avoid. This live webcast talks about why this happens, both in terms of things that happen in the application and in MySQL's implementation of statement-based replication. It also discusses a method to eliminate the problem by testing and verifying the current setup.

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