Network Infrastructure for the Cloud Ready Data Center

Virtualization and distributed applications are transforming every part of the data center. To maximize the potential of virtualization, the network must also transform.

The transformation of data centers networks across the globe has begun and the traditional three tier data center architecture is becoming a being questioned. This transformation is driven by the need to provide a high quality user experience with bandwidth and latency that are sensitive to real-time applications such as video, and the need to reduce costs through streamlined operations in the data center. Transformation in the data center is taking place in the forms of consolidating servers and services into fewer data centers, as well as adding new data centers for disaster recovery, for "follow the sun operations" or to move data processing closer to end users. An effective approach to architecting the modern data center must maximize the benefit from virtualization technologies for servers, the desktop, as well as the network; it must allow for creation of a private corporate cloud by extending layer 2 connectivity between data center sites, and allowing for seamless delivery of public Cloud based services on the cooperate network.

In supporting these needs, IT must adopt new network designs and methods for network infrastructure within the data center and for interconnecting remote centers to create an easily managed and resilient, low latency, high performance data center network. In this web cast, we will show how the application and business demands are driving new data center network designs and discuss best practices for determining the appropriate solution to meet these requirements.

Provided by: Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Topic: Data Centers Date Added: Apr 2011 Format: Webcast

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