NFS Client Fundamentals: Understanding Authentication

Date Added: Jan 2010
Format: Webcast

Does one know that he or she can access UNIX files, in Microsoft machines? Yes, this is possible with Open Text NFS. Wondering what is Open Text NFS. One can watch the 40 minutes video presentation by Jeremy Dodds, Product Specialist, and Connectivity Customer Support. He says that it is possible to access files from UNIX or NAS environment into Microsoft environment. One can also know the various authentication methods that are used. This Open Text NFS Client uses the UNIX-native NFS protocol, with which one can access the UNIX files in windows environment. The benefits of Open Text NFS Client are amazing and one can expect security, great performance, without even modifying mission critical host systems. This webcast clearly explains the basics of Open Text NFS Client along with the need for authentication, HCLNFSD and PCNFSD, configuring directory services, overview of directory services, etc. On the whole, Open Text NFS Client is the best one to open UINX files in windows environment.