On-demand Webcast - Creating the Extensible Data Center with Hybrid Clouds

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Executive Summary

Can your current infrastructure meet the rapid surges in demand often caused by business changes, seasonality or just plain growth? For many, the very nature of IT is evolving as users demand faster provisioning, better scalability and more options to handle an ever-growing list of new applications and services that may need to scale quickly.

Watch this webinar to learn what impact hybrid cloud computing will have on the way IT operates today and in the future, as enterprises begin to tap public cloud services in conjunction with existing IT resources, whether dubbed data center, private cloud or “infrastructure.”

Attendees will hear from Michael Krieger, CEO of MRK Technology Marketing who will discuss:

  • The range of benefits hybrid clouds offer to both IT and line of business
  • How hybrid clouds can deliver increased performance and availability on demand
  • Business drivers and perceived inhibitors to hybrid cloud deployment
Michael Krieger has spent the past forty years involved in IT, engineering and marketing. He has led hardware and software development teams and pioneered SaaS offerings at FutureLink, an early ASP.

View now to find out the many ways Michael Krieger thinks your business can benefit from hybrid cloud technology today.

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