Data Management

Optimize Test and Development with Smaller Production Copies: Minimize Costs and Maximize Resources in Non-production Environments

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Executive Summary

Using full-size database copies for test and development can slow you down, proving to be costly and ineffective in the long run. Optimize the management of test data in your application development and data integration efforts, save unnecessary downtime and storage costs by reducing the size of database test copies.

View this presentation to learn the methods used for creating smaller test copies from your production database while without losing any application functionality or breaking any referential integrity. You will also receive an expert overview of the Applimation, now Informatica, Data Subset solution, which offers:

  • Creation of smaller databases for targeted business area testing or development
  • Definition of application-level business policies to select data
  • A flexible method for replicating sets of current master and transactional data while ensuring full data integrity
  • Pre-packaged Data Subset accelerators for Oracle E-Business Suite, SAP, PeopleSoft Enterprise and Siebel CRM applications
  • Automated creation of a divested database (very applicable in merger and acquisition scenarios) that is fully functional with all application integrity intact, ready for use in the newly divested entity
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