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Power Reporting With Amanda Enterprise-20081022 1650

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Executive Summary

This webcast offers the viewers the complete information regarding the Amanda Enterprise which is considered as the completely supported edition of the worlds most used and famous open source backup software. The webcast also helps the attendee understand on the process that allows them to save up on various aspects such as the back up of information's and the recovery of the required information which in turn can save a lot of money for the organization, . This webcast also help the attendee in understanding, and helps them learn the different ways in which this software can be used for the complete monitoring, and the improved, and updated reporting features of the widely used open source technology of Amanda Enterprise effectively. The other things helps the attendee to verify the installation of this application, Diagnose the backup issues, a complete information's ob the various areas where the bottle neck are formed, and new to get rid of it, and finally how about the planning procedures for backup media expansion.

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