Data Management

Protect Your Applications from SQL Performance Problems

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Executive Summary

Poor performance of the SQL ends up extremely disruptive to a business by casing the application to run very slow, and the only way one can over come this issue is to optimize both dynamic and static SQL problems before they could reach the production stage. In this webcast the attendee learns many things which can help them in managing SQL related issues. The attendee can also learn how to detect SQL-related problems with the help of NEON Bind Impact Expert, and SQL PerformanceExpert, and at the same time the attendee can know more about these tools, and their functions. The attendee will know about the processes, and Get control of their dynamic SQL environment, Identify poorly performing SQL; analyze SQL from source code, packages, DBRMs or the dynamic cache, Eliminate the fear, and uncertainty caused by data growth, and application changes, and instead of reacting to the problems that arise one can get proactive, and solve the issues, the attendee can also learn how to easily locate problem dynamic SQL statements for possible correction.

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