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Radically Simple, Intelligent and Robust Backup and Recovery for MySQL-20080828 1656

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Executive Summary

This webcast lets the attendee understand about the Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL a since Data protection is the most vital thing for any database professional this webcast helps the attendee understand the various uses and applications of Zmanda and other applications such as Radically simple, intelligent and robust backup and recovery for MySQL, and this is the only backup system which MySQL have endorsed. All well run database need to have a proper backup, and recovery plans which can help, and ensure data availability and integrity in case of any accidental, or data destruction. With less data storage and excess data makes the job very difficult with short backup, and at the same time the MySQL supporting businesses runs the application24-hours a day, seven days a week, backup, and recovery operations should be conducted in such a manner that it does not effect the users, and applications. ZRM for MySQL is the available option which can simplify the life of a database administrator, and at the end the attendee will learn about Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL and its usage.

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