Resiliency - The Silver Lining to Cloud Computing From IBM

Watch Now Date Added: Jan 2010
Format: Webcast

If one wants to know more on cloud computing, and how they greatly benefit the organization, one needs to watch this webcast, presented by Richard Cocchiara, Distinguished Engineer, CTO for Business Continuity & Resilience Services and Annette Miller, Dynamic Infrastructure - Cloud Offerings Manager, for this informative webcast. This 30minutes video walks the attendee through the technical aspect and models of cloud computing. Richard discusses how all the clouds vary and why they are not created equal. He also adds that IBM Resiliency Services are the best, and it has an important role in the cloud environment. He also shares his views on how the IBM Resiliency Services is better than other resiliency services. When one uses the IBM Resiliency Services, one can save cost, have a competitive advantage over the rest and one can gain success even during the bad times. The moderator of this webcast is David Parker, VP, GTS Market Management and IBM Cloud Marketing, IBM.