Secrets of Webinar Product and Management

Managing and producing a great webinar isn't a one-shot deal: It's a process that involves your team and your audience in a dynamic two-way conversation that stretches from initial promotion to event follow-up. Successfully manage the webinar production process from start to finish, and you'll reach your goals in terms of registrations, participation, and ultimately sales.

View this TechRepublic Webcast for an overview of Webinar production and some simple tips you can use at every stage to create webinars that meet your business goals. You'll get recommendations, tips, and tricks for every step in the webinar production process from speaker Ken Molay, President, Webinar Success. View this webcast to find out how to:

  • Create an individual schedule and timeline for producing the most effective webinar
  • Assess your technology needs and get advice on how to choose the webcast technology vendor that will meet them successfully
  • Drive click through and registrations with the right promotional materials
  • Manage webinar content and add effective interactive features, such as polls and Q &A sessions
  • Work together as a team to produce a great Webinar, including the importance of rehearsals and the role of a moderator
  • Make a contingency plan for when the unexpected arises during webcast production
  • Maximize audience receptiveness after the webcast is completed and measure your webcast's success in real terms
Turn your next webinar into a polished and professional production with tactics that translate into high registration, active participation, enhanced sales leads, and a broader customer base. Learn the secrets of webinar production and marketing by viewing today.

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