Secure Document Collaboration for Microsoft SharePoint

Watch Now Date Added: Mar 2010
Format: Webcast

This webinar series helps the attendee gather information regarding data loss prevention technology. It also offers the attendee information on the first to market secure document management, and the collaboration with the industrial giants Microsoft technology. The other topics that are covered in this webinar include management of secure groups, access rights, and authentication, Active Directory integration, and the impact of regulatory compliance. This webinar series is a must for those who are in the field of IT management as well as those who are involved in IT security, SharePoint managers, security professionals, and those who are with technical deployment, and in the operations of Microsoft SharePoint in an enterprise environment. This webinar has a discussion through which one can learn the best practices, the most common requirement, and the necessary one for document protection, technical challenges that arise in the process of providing user access authentication, and management of key areas with the usage of strong, and developed encryption techniques while maintaining a simple user experience.