Secure Exceed with Open Text Secure Shell

Watch Now Date Added: Jan 2010
Format: Webcast

Several institutions consider the provision of security to their valuable database as an important function among the routine functioning of their enterprise. This is even more significant when it comes to the securing of their vital information relating to their mission. The institutions make effort in assessing and enhancing their prevailing security systems as well as strategies because of the trade agreement or due to the restrictions from the government. The institutions that are on the look out for an ideal answer for this challenge can access the Open Text Secure Shell for tackling efficiently such issue. The Open Text Secure Shell assists the institutions in accessing the safety solutions through offering the Secure Shell initiatives in the form of a consolidated safety effort. Through the webcast one can get a comprehensive picture regarding Secure Shell system, the approach to easily align the Exceed as well as the Open Text Secure Shell, development of general and personal keypairs and finally it offers the methods to handle in the event of trouble shooting issues.