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The 7 things we wish the clients would have done before changing their site Significant milestone. This webcast offers the attendee various information on SEO, and enables them to learn the importance of search engine optimization, and website redesign. It is very important to understand that a website is significant milestone in any of the online marketing strategies available in the current. The redesign involves many stages which includes numerous stakeholders, very often large project scope, and tight timelines as well. Many of the companies in the arena miss a lot of things when it comes to website redesign, since they miss a lot through the tremendous opportunity of not using, or involving the right partners at the right places when there are critical decisions are to be made or considered when it comes to the process of a complete website redesign which also involves the search engine optimization process, a key process used for web marketing. This webcast offers details, and information about the Enquiro's ongoing B2B Expert Series, and the people participating are Gord Hotchkiss, Lance Loveday, and Patricia Hursh who discusses the major issues surrounding the process of redesigning a website.

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