Service Management in an Uncertain Economy

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Executive Summary

Organizations are feeling the pressure of economic uncertainty?directly in their own financial statements and dealings with their business partners and customers?as well as indirectly through the constant barrage of stories about troubling economic conditions and weak market and industry trends.

IBM Software takes this state of affairs very seriously. That's why we've pulled together a series of four webcasts to provide you with the knowledge to face the new economic realities and reduce costs.

In the first webcast on June 16, you'll hear guest speaker David Williams, Research Vice President at Gartner Group, talk about the top CIO strategies for handling the pressures facing IT organizations. David will cover the shifting focus of IT, the emerging top priorities and changing spending patterns caused by drastically reduced budgets.

Tivoli General Manager Al Zollar will discuss how IBM Tivoli can help reduce costs and get your ROI faster in three key areas:

  • Consolidating management software to increase cash flow
  • Reduce expenses and avoid new costs for new projects
  • Automating complex tasks and processes in the datacenter for improved operational efficiency extending asset life and reducing downtime risk
Please join us for this special webcast on Tuesday, June 16th, 2009 at 12PM ET / 9AM PT, which serves as an introduction to three subsequent webcasts that delve deeper into the how's and why's of how IBM can help you tackle your budgetary challenges.

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Al Zollar, General Manager, IBM Tivoli Software
Kathleen Shouldis, Tivoli Marketing Director
David Williams, Research Vice President, Gartner Group

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