Big Data

Simpler, Faster Business Intelligence: A New Paradigm

Date Added: Jan 2010
Format: Webcast

Business Intelligence (BI) is time consuming, but with the help of this webcast, one can save time in simpler and faster BI. In the past, a BI initiative was out of the reach of many of the companies that needed it most because of the large expenditures in time, tools, and technologists required. CIBER, WhereScape, and Strategy Companion have developed a streamlined BI/DW methodology that doesn't require big investments. One can learn how a BI initiative can help someone identify sales opportunities they didn't know existed so one can increase revenue, the most common challenges companies face when implementing business intelligence initiatives. How initial deliverables can be implemented in weeks instead of months. How BI / DW can now be implemented quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively, How changes to your BI environment can be made swiftly and easily, How one company - BNP Paribas - successfully implemented a BI initiative and how a BI initiative can help one identify sales opportunities one didn't know existed so they can increase revenue.