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Symantec NetBackup's Unique Integration With VMware vSphere 4

Watch Now Date Added: Jan 2010
Format: Webcast

If someone is a person who is responsible or interested in the protection of the various virtual machines, then this is the right webcast for them, and for those who are really interested in the virtual machines, and virtual technologies. The webcast offers the ways to identify the major five bottlenecks that are associated with protecting VMware, and what are the various ways through which this can be avoided, or eradicated. The attendee can also learn about how Net Backup provides unique integration with VMware storage API, and the various customers' benefits through them, and they are speeding up of the virtual machines back up to ninety percentage, the instant recovery of a file, or files from any where at any point of time, the reduction of the backend storage requirements, and this is done up to fifty percent more than the previous ones. This webcast also includes a demo for those who are interested can use it. The webcast also comes with Q and A.