Data Management

Take Control of Dynamic SQL for DB2 on z/OS

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Executive Summary

SQL is one of the popular products in the industry, and dynamic SQL is increasing with the increasing use by the clients. The static SQL which was used traditionally to manage database, and the ability which the dynamic SQL can manage cannot be ignored. The dynamic SQL also offers the preference that is available with the static one, and it also helps in testing the SQL in advance, or observes the changes like one does with static SQL. This webcast helps the attendee learn more about the dynamic SQL, and it also describes the various practices through which this can be used, and managed at the same time protect application, and the system performance. One can also gather information, and answers to various questions that are related to dynamic SQL. The attendee can also gather details regarding the origin of dynamic SQL, fixing fix problem dynamic SQL statements, the process to manage the dynamic SQL and much more informative information.

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