TechNet Webcast: Project Server 2010 Demand Management (Part 4 of 4): Test the Theory and Review (Level 200)

The concept of demand management in the Microsoft project server 2010 creates lot of demand on IT professionals, business executives, and even among people. This webcast is considered to be the fourth webcast, and it is divided into four part series in order to avoid confusion. The webcast about The Microsoft project server 2010 provides some of the examples, and use cases that showcase the platforms, and the enterprises that give lot of benefits regarding the demand management feature in the project server 2010. This webcast, also covers, some of the best practices for integration, implementation, and the execution of the demand management. This webcast is very interesting and helps one to find their needs in a very simple manner. The audiences of this Microsoft project server 2010 are the ITB decision makers, and the IT generalist. This exclusive webcast is presented by Javier Gonzalez who is the senior portfolio advisor.

Provided by: Microsoft Topic: Software Date Added: May 2010 Format: Webcast

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