TechNet Webcast: Project Server 2010 - Operations (Level 300)

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Executive Summary

This is the TechNet webcast which is a part of a seven-part series that provides lot of exclusive information on Microsoft Project Server 2010 deployment leadership and some of the best practices for IT professionals, developers, business professionals, small business owners, IT executives, business executives and many more . This TechNet Webcast also covers some of the process of managing and maintaining a Project Server 2010 implementation, and also it demonstrates Project Server 2010 diagnostics and it also monitors and provides troubleshooting tricks and tips that could splits health check top practices. IT generalist seems to be the audience, this TechNet webcasts runs in very short and interesting manner. This special webcasts or event is presented by Mr. Jean-No?l Lienhart who is meant to be the Senior Consultant in short EPM of Microsoft Corporation team and even Mr. Christophe Fiessinger who is the Senior Technical Product Manager of Microsoft Corporation team.

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