TechNet Webcast: Security Talk: Overview of the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report Volume 8

If one would like to join the discussion along with Khalid Kark, Forrester vice present, the principal analyst, and also with the Microsoft security experts. This webcast is meant to be highly secured, and they discuss about the findings from the volume called eighth volume of the Microsoft security intelligence. Some of the official reports say that, the most globally comprehensive report which is considered to be up to date from Microsoft, and it covers almost 213 countries worldwide, and the regions with the deep dives into 26 countries. This is the only report that all the up to date details on the world's most common threats, which includes the security software development and exploits trends for the browser that is based on the popularity document format tracks. Vinny Gulloto, the general manger of the malware protection centre, Bret Arsenault, the chief information security officer, Mike Reavey, the director of MSRC where present in this exclusive webcasts.

Provided by: Microsoft Topic: Security Date Added: May 2010 Format: Webcast

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