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TechNet Webcast: SQL Server 2008 R2: Reaching Users With Microsoft Office (Level 300)

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Executive Summary

Does one knows how to analyze data using Microsoft office Excel pivot chart? Analyzing data is the most important operation for decision making, and developing projects. In every project, first one should analyze data before processing. One can analyze data using chart from their input data very easily. The charts depict clear understanding of data, and one can analyze what has happened in the industry very clearly. Charts are classified into different types. They are bar, line, pie and etc. this web cast provides details about the data analysis using Power Pivot for Excel. The data analysis reduces time and cost for IT personnel. It explains how pivot table, and pivot charts, is created, and combining data from multiple tables using data imported into a power pivot workbook. It describes how the data can be filtered on the fly to create views into the data based on predetermined criteria, and to create new views based on ad hoc filtering. It also describes how the new Data Analysis Expression syntax used.

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