TechNet Webcast: Windows 7 Seamless Network Access (Level 300)

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Executive Summary

The attendee of this webcast will discover how networking capabilities in Windows 7 can reduce IT costs, improve productivity, and make it easier to manage than other operating systems. The presenter of this webcast will discuss the challenges of managing a network and how Windows 7 network solutions address the needs of IT professionals. The presenter will examine each of the new networking features and enhancements in Windows 7 and explain why these solutions provide value and reduce IT costs. The presenter will cover topics including Direct Access, VPN Reconnect, Mobile Broadband, BranchCache, Server Message Block (SMB) enhancements, file sharing and offline files enhancements, Domain Name System (DNS) Security Extensions (DNSSEC), multiple active firewalls, and URL-based Quality of Service (QoS).

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