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The bottom line on asset availability

Date Added: Dec 2009
Format: Webcast

Keeping your plant assets up and running is crucial to productivity and profit, but most facilities don't really know if they are running at peak efficiency. A 1% improvement in plant availability means 3 1/2 more days of operation per year.

How to achieve that kind of improvement in asset availability and how that improvement can translate into a safer and more efficient plant, is the subject of a new recorded webcast hosted by IDC Manufacturing Insights and IBM.

View this recorded webcast, ''The Bottom Line on Asset Availability'' to:

  • Hear from Bob Parker, IDC Manufacturing Insights, on the need for asset intensive industries to improve asset productivity. He will examine the importance of improving return on asset performance and how better asset management contributes to substantial improvement.
  • Learn how an integrated solution of enterprise asset management and enterprise content management ensures the smooth, compliant and profitable running of organizations by giving maintenance workers the right information the first time to maximize productivity and uptime.