Too Many WLAN Devices, Protocols & Vendors to Manage?: Simplify WLAN Management With Holistic Network Visibility

Wireless LAN (WLAN) is the future of enterprise networks. Simplify WLAN Management With Holistic Network Visibility. This webinar is basically about Wireless LAN Infrastructure Concerns and the various issues related to it which include Understanding WLAN TCO, Heterogeneous WLAN infrastructure challenges, Recommendations for enabling simplified WLAN management at lower TCO, Wireless LAN Infrastructure Management Solutions, Multi-vendor WLAN infrastructure management concerns, Benefits of 24x7 monitoring and simplified device configuration tools, Motorola Vendor-Agnostic WLAN Infrastructure Management Solution, Cost-effective methods of 11n infrastructure migration/update. Once considered a luxury reserved for conference rooms and engineering labs, WLANs have evolved into a business critical networking infrastructure for enterprises, delivering mobile data, and voice and video applications. Join industry expert Stan Schatt and Motorola Air Defense Solutions as they discuss some of the key management concerns that affect enterprise WLAN deployments, along with multi-vendor infrastructure management solutions that dramatically reduce the TCO and achieve quicker ROI from their WLAN.

Provided by: Motorola Topic: Networking Date Added: Jan 2010 Format: Webcast

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