Big Data

Using Your Web Assets as a Business Building Platform

Date Added: Jan 2010
Format: Webcast

This webcast is all about how an organization can grow Using Web Assets as a Business Building Platform. This particular event was moderated by Bill Barnes, and features a lot of panelists which include Gord Hotchkiss - the CEO, Enquiro, Mark McMaster the Senior Planner of B2B, and Technology Markets of Google, and Matthias Blume the chief Analytics Officer of Covario. In this webcast is was discussed how a website can add value to the organization, and proving many vendors who believe website is only for lead generation. It discusses about the but Enquiro's research into B2B buying behaviors which indicated that the organizations web presence not only generates lead but it can also support a entire sales process build lifetime value with existing customers. They also discuss how Online provide a perfect platform to create both prospects and customers. The various ways to use email and other online communication channels to start and maintain trust building is also addressed.