Web Browser Protection Against Web Malware

Watch Now Date Added: Jan 2010
Format: Webcast

This webinar is a discussion about the various socially engineered and created malware which is mainly intends to spoil systems. The webinar also gives the insight on how they tested the various browsers which are available almost all the six browsers. Based on the recent study, over 50% of malware infections affecting the systems today are through the internet when the user downloads any programs or applications. NSS Labs was the first to perform the comprehensive test of web browser protection against all socially engineered malware which corrupts the system when it get down through the internet connection when browsing the internet. Based on the test of the six browsers conducted by the NSS Labs during 12 days of 24 x 7 testing of more than 154,000 individual tests, the test products included browsers such as Apple Safari v3, Google Chrome 1.0.154, Microsoft Internet Explorer v8 (RC1), Microsoft Internet Explorer v7, Mozilla Firefox v3.07, Opera 9.64.